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Debts and Credit – Bad Checks – Louisiana

Note:    This summary is not intended to be an all inclusive summary of the law of bad checks, but does contain basic and other provisions.


Louisiana Revised Statutes

9:2782. Nonsufficient fund checks; damages, attorney fees

A. Whenever any drawer of a check dishonored for nonsufficient funds fails to pay the obligation created by the check within fifteen working days after receipt of written demand for payment thereof delivered by certified or registered mail, the drawer shall be liable to the payee or a person subrogated to the rights of the payee for damages of twice the amount so owing, but in no case less than one hundred dollars plus attorney fees and court costs.

B. The payee, his agent or assignee, or a holder may charge the drawer of the check a service charge not to exceed twenty-five dollars or five percent of the face amount of the check, whichever is greater, when making written demand for payment. The payee shall post a notice indicating the amount to be charged a drawer of a check if the check is returned for nonsufficient funds. Such notice shall be posted on the payee’s business premises in a convenient and conspicuous place where persons entering the location will see it.

C. (1) Before any recovery under Subsection A of this Section may be claimed, a written demand in substantially the form which follows shall be sent by certified or registered mail to the drawer of the check at the address shown on the instrument:

[ see, USLF form LA-410N ]

(2) Notice mailed by certified or registered mail evidenced by return receipt to the address printed on the check or given at the time of issuance shall be deemed sufficient and equivalent to notice having been received by the person making the check.

(3) It shall be prima facie evidence that the drawer knew that the instrument would not be honored if notice mailed by certified or registered mail is returned to the sender when such notice is mailed within a reasonable time of dishonor to the address printed on the instrument or given by the drawer at the time of issuance of the check.

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